Dragons and Baby Showers

It’s not every day that I’m asked to make a Chinese style water dragon carrying a baby in it’s mouth in cake form. These photos give an idea of the process. My sister helped with this cake which was really fun. It’s not often that we get to spend time in the kitchen together.

Cakes usually happen for me in four stages.

  1. The planning stage which includes design, ingredient sourcing, as well as the making of any components that need to happen in advance.
  2. The baking stage which is where I make the cakes, filings, and frosting.
  3. The assembly stage, where I assemble or build the cake.
  4. The finishing stage, when all of the decorating and finishing touches happen.

First I spend some time thinking about the design, the build, and how many people the cake needs to serve. Then I bake cake accordingly:


Next step is assembly. This is where you begin to see the form taking shape:


I love finishing work. It’s equal parts fun and nerve racking. Here’s a close up of the little baby in the dragon’s mouth:


The finished product: