Teaching Conference 2012

As far as many of my interests go, Ithaca generally feels centrally isolated. Almost any interesting enrichment requires me to drive 5 plus hours, usually further, and often to a different state.

In a break from the ordinary, I’m happy to report that I’ve just returned from Rochester, NY where I joined a slew other bakers and cake decorators participating in a 2 day teaching seminar. Yes!!!


It was gratifying to spend the weekend sharing information with so many incredible and supportive women. It was great to meet and get tips from other teachers, and I can’t even begin to express how invaluable the Class Seminars were for me. I came away with tons of valuable information for my classes, and lots of refreshed perspective and ideas. It was inspiring and stimulating to train with such amazing instructors whose love of cake decorating was apparent and contagious. My skills feel fine tuned and my organization improved. I can’t wait to get back into the classroom.