Fresh Blends: Guest Lecture on the Art of Cake Making

Our lovely little city hosts it’s residents on the First Friday of each month for a night of art on the town. This month, and to ring in a new year, Standard Art Supply & Souvenir at 308 E. Seneca St. launched their inaugural installment of “Fresh Blends”; paired lectures on independent topics.


“Fresh Blends is a monthly lecture series with a simple premise: The first presenter speaks for a half-hour, then the next presenter speaks on a completely unrelated topic for the second half-hour. Following there is a simultaneous question and answer period on both topics. During the first part of the program, presenters are discouraged from making conncetions between topics, during the Q&A however, anything goes.”

I was asked to speak on ‘The Art of Cake Making’, following Julie Simmons-Lynch whom presented on ‘From Comics to Cognitive Science’. A good time (and lots of cake) was had by all.