Weddings, funerals, cookies and an emotional readjustment

Last week I traveled to South Carolina to spend time with my amazing family and attend an amazing wedding with them in North Carolina. While I was there I made a wedding cake for 100 people, had the opportunity to drive through a beautiful mountain range in the Nantahala National Forest, and ate a few too many of my Uncle David’s pecan chocolate chip cookies.

Life has been showing up in extremes the past few weeks (a wedding, a death, a pregnancy, an illness, and lots of transition) and after the wedding last weekend my extended family traveled back to Ithaca with my mother and I to spend some unexpectedly extended time together. Friday afternoon when the last of my family left I was feeling sad and lonely.
I decided this morning to try my hand at some pecan chocolate chip cookies. Partly because baking relaxes me and partly because thinking about these cookies is a fond reminder of how much I enjoy my family and am grateful for them no matter what the circumstance. My cookies were good but not nearly as good as my Uncle David’s. What can I say, I think I’m at a pecan disadvantage up here in NY, plus he’s had a lot more practice.



  1. dynamicinaction wrote:

    You are loved 🙂

  2. babs wrote:

    You are loved and this post is so sweet. I'll send you pecans from SC in November, but there is nothing like Uncle David's cookies. Come back down here, eat some, and try to figure out EXACTLY how to make them. This make take several trips, but hey. . .we'd love to have you; you love the cookies, so it's a win-win.
    Aunt Babs