VD: A Belated Post

Valentines Day  just happened to follow friday the 13th this year. Why didn’t Hallmark cash in on that one? I would much prefer to give friends “Happy Friday the 13th” cards than any other kind. Maybe I should make greeting cards instead of cakes and coffee. Good idea, n’est-ce pas?

Since cookies seem to be the only appropriate way to celebrate VD, I marked the 14th by making a few sweets for the sweet ones in my life. Shiny pink hearts and whoopie pies (of course).

I used to make these whoopie pies at a cafe I baked for once upon a time in San Francisco. I owe, with love, all of the credit for the delicious perfection of these cookies to Ray, my former employer and chef and owner of the cafe. Without his push I’m not sure it ever would have occurred to me to make a whoopie pie. Now I can’t imagine a Valentines Day with out them. They are SO good that I avoid making them with out someplace to send them.

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  1. Billy-Bob wrote:

    When are we going to combine forces and start making weddings AMAZING with both our talents?