Red Velvet, Take 2: Four Layer Cake

My friends Chris and M’lissa are to be married in March. There will be a red velvet cake (or maybe cupcakes?) present to witness the ceremony. Until March 14th, when I have a spare moment to bake, or a head full of snow – it’ll be all red velvet all the time.

This recipe is slightly different than the cupcake recipe, which came from Chris. I used a different mixing method, and a heavy cream and mascarpone cream cheese frosting in lieu of the cream cheese buttercream. I think I preferred the cup cakes, but maybe it was because they were pink. I’m not sure.

No, it wasn’t because they were pink. The frosting was a little sweeter and a much nicer consistency. I think this cake was equally as good, but I’m going to make Chris’ recipe one more time just to be sure. The next incarnation will be an 8″ round cake with chocolate sprinkles. Some people call sprinkles jimmies. It makes me uncomfortable. Probably because I don’t understand.