Baking for art’s sake

Some of my friend Phil’s illustrations are on display at Homegrown this month. The illustrations are amazing and you should go look at them in person. There was an opening reception for the show at the end of last week and I baked cookies. A little sugar to accompany cheap wine and PBR seemed in order. Right? Right!

It’s fun baking for events and people that I like. Phil and I met up a week or two before the show to talk about the work he was hanging and what kind of sweets he might want. He basically told me I could make whatever I wanted while also mentioning that he likes cut out cookies. I decided on apple shaped sugar cookies with salty sweet buttercream frosting (of the green variety).

I thought the apple would be great because apples symbolize so many different things: youth; love; immortality (forbidden fruit); health (an apple a day…); cities; computers. So why not a cookie at an art opening. They were really fun to make, and sugar cookies in fun shapes are always fun to eat. So it was pretty much a win – win situation in the end.

I told Phil that I made 100 cookies but I really made a 115. No telling where the 15 that didn’t make it to the art show went.

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