Hoping for easy like Sunday morning

I spent my early Friday morning hours finishing a sheet cake (and a few bonus cupcakes) for a lunch time party at a school in my neighborhood. Chocolate congratulations.

Waiting for butter cream to set at an ungodly morning hour gave my head a little time to run back through last weekend’s projects. And y’know what? My mornings last weekend were absolutely lovely. Baking in early light, coffee break and dog walk around 8am, frost-finish-deliver by 10. Accomplishment. Whatever happens the rest of the doesn’t even matter. What a luxury.

I already posted some photos and information about Saturday here. Sunday’s cake was a raspberry filled vanilla bean cake, modeled to look after a cake from the year the bride and groom were wed – 1950.

A 60th anniversary!

I’m imagining this weekend will involve less cake, more soup, lots of music and at least one special all-out breakfast. Hopefully some quality studio time too.