Sunday Soup

I was temped to title this post Souperbowl Sunday, which was followed by an immediate sense of discomfort that not only could such a thought pass through my brain but that I’d actually entertain it. So, no. I will not be starting every new post with a shitty pun. I’ll just think about it in silence and then hang my head in shame.

Two things that I started doing recently:
  1. Buying dried beans and then soaking them before making what ever it is I’m going to make with them. It’s awesome. Not only is it cheaper than buying canned beans, but the beans hold up much better and have a better texture. Sure, it requires planning ahead a little bit, but don’t we all feel better when we’re planning wholesome meals ahead of time that we make from scratch with oh so much love and attention? We do. Which brings me to number
  2. Sunday soup. Generally, if I eat well I feel well (save the occasional chili cheese dog with mustard and onions). Since weeks seem to get crazier and crazier, and available minutes seem fewer and fewer, and I have this job that I go to so I can’t actually just sit around my house staring at soaking beans, I’ve become fond of making a big pot of soup on Sunday nights. This gives me solid lunch and dinner options for the week so I’m not skipping meals and getting cranky, or constantly snacking on crap.
Ok, back to Souperbowl Sunday. I was actually invited to a Superbowl Party. I’m not much into football. If you’re looking for a sporting event to bring me to, or invite me to watch at your home, I like basketball. Now you know. Anyway, I’m not into football but I am into cupcakes, and while Sunday soup was simmering I made a few dozen cupcakes.

These little guys will be accompanying me to the party. Because although I don’t really care about the superbowl, I do like to party, and no party is complete with out a cupcake.