Course 1 – Decorating Basics

Upcoming Course 1 Classes:

March 2015
Course 1 (4 week evening) – Mondays 9/16/23/30 6pm-8pm
Course 1 (4 week day time) – Mondays 9/16/23/30 10am-12pm


When it comes to cake decorating, this is the perfect place to start. Learn how to bake and decorate a great cake, cupcakes and cookies with icing drop flowers, rosettes, shells and much more!

In Course 1,  Alexis will guide you through a broad set of buttercream decorating techniques using The Wilton Method® and help you develop skills to use for all of your decorating projects, from cupcakes to cakes for any special occasion.

Whether you are new to decorating or have been decorating for years, when you finish, you will be proud of the new skills and techniques you’ve learned and ready to showcase them on your next project.

Course 1 covers:

  • How to Bake a Great Cake for Decorating
  • How to fill and use a Decorating Bag
  • Decorating Bag Pressure Control
  • Proper Icing Consistency
  • Piping lines, letters, and shapes
  • Piping borders
  • Pattern Transfer
  • 5 different buttercream flowers including the ribbon rose
  • Printing and Writing on a Cake
  • Guidelines for Elementary Cake Design
  • And more!

This class typically meets for four 2 hour sessions. Classes marked (2 session condensed) are a condensed course that meets for two 3 hour sessions. The condensed class is a much faster paced format than the 4 session class. Due to less practice time in class we advise students taking the condensed course to allow for more practice time at home. There is homework and baking required for both classes.

Course 1 Supply List